Youth – Groups Aged 13+ Years


Compassionate Care 4 All provides a diverse range of supports to young people aged 13+ years. The aim of these supports is to connect young people to one another, build friendships, learn new skills, feel a sense of belonging and assist them to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Compassionate Care 4 All offers the following Youth programs:

Teen Time

Teen Time

As the name suggests, our Teen Time program involves bringing our young people together,  aged 13+ years, to meet monthly, usually on a Friday night during school terms to participate in an activity and enjoy a meal together. The activities are usually things that the participants themselves love doing or have expressed an interest in trying for the first time.

The aim of Teen Time is to connect young people to one another, build friendships, have fun, improve social skills and develop confidence and self-esteem.

Senior School Holiday Program

Senior School Holiday Programs (SSHP)

Our school holiday programs offer a diverse range of activities to engage participants during the school holiday period. Participants benefit from attending our school holiday program as it keeps them in routine, builds social skills and encourages participants to try new experiences all whilst having fun participating in activities that are age appropriate.

*On occasions, we may place participants in a small group where they undertake the same activity. Arrangements will be made prior to this occurring if 1:1 support is deemed necessary. In this instance, each participant can be supported individually.

If you are interested in any of our CC4All Youth programs please email our office on with the subject heading Group Programs and the name of group program you are enquiring about. Our friendly admin team will make contact with you within 7 days. Any new participant’s wishing to attend our Group Programs, must complete our intake process prior to commencing. Some group programs may have a waiting period.