Kids 5-12 Years

Compassionate Care 4 All provides a number of different supports to kids aged 5-12 years. Support can be provided in a number of different ways and can include; individual support, group programs, skill development programs, camps and school holiday program.

Compassionate Care 4 All strives to provide activities and program to kids that are fun and stimulating, enhance learning, develop meaningful friendships and build confidence and self esteem.

Below are Compassionate Care 4 All’s kids programs:

Junior Social Caterpillars

Our Junior Social Caterpillars program is a social program once per month for girls aged 5-12 years. The program is held on a Saturday and aims to connect young girls to one another, build friendships, increase independence and learn new skills.

Junior School Holiday Program

Our school holiday program offers a diverse range of activities to engage participants during the school holiday period. Participants benefit from attending our school holiday program as it keeps them in routine, builds social skills and encourages participants to try new experiences all whilst having fun participating in activities that are age appropriate.


Sunday Funday

‘Sunday Funday’ is a group program held once per month during the school term on a Sunday. Boys aged 7-12 years come together to have fun, build friendships, increase their social connections, try new experiences and learn new skills.

Xpressive Art

Our Xpressive art program is an after school program aimed to encourage creativity and imagination. Participants will work on one project for a two week period before moving on to something new and exciting. The program will run from 4-6pm one night per week. School pick may be available for those requiring after school pick up.

*On occasions, we may place participants in a small group where they undertake the same activity. Arrangements will be made prior to this occurring if 1:1 support is deemed necessary. In this instance, each participant can be supported individually.

If you are interested in any of our CC 4 All Kids programs please email our office on with the subject heading Group program – name of group you are interested in. Our friendly admin team will make contact with you within 7 days. Any new participant’s wishing to attend our Group Programs, must undertake and complete our intake documentation prior to commencing. Some group programs may have a waiting period.