Kids – Individual Support & Skill Development

Individual support can be provided within the family home or out in the community. Compassionate Care 4 All offer a range of skill development programs and activities that build and enhance skills for your child. There are many ways we can assist your child to achieve their goals and ambitions. These can include the following;

  • Supporting family and individual routines
  • Assistance with homework
  • Basic cooking
  • Animal care
  • Self-care
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Supporting hobbies and interests
  • Basic bike education
  • Support workers can also help implement therapy under the direction of a therapist.

*On occasions, we may place participants in small groups where they undertake the same activity, arrangements will be made prior to this occurring. If 1:1 support is deemed necessary, each participant can be supported individually.

All individual support will be charged under CORE budget, sub-categories;
Assist with Daily Activities or Social and Community Participation unless the program is supported by a therapist.