Adults – Group Programs


Compassionate Care 4 All provides support to those of all ages, this includes Adult participants. This may include individual or small group supports.

Here are some of the Group Program’s Compassionate Care 4  All has on offer:

Young Adults

S.O.Y.A – Supporting Our Young Adults

Compassionate Care 4 All supports a number of young adults with our S.O.Y.A program, who wish to access the community and participate in events and activities just like every other young adult. Activities could include attending a nightclub or concert, seeing a favourite artist, enjoying a night at the theatre, hosting/attending a party or doing a group program catered to their needs and interests.

We are guided by what you, our Young Adults want to do and what you request. The choice is completely yours!

S.O.A.P – Supporting Our Adult Participants

Compassionate Care 4 All supports participants of all ages and we very happy to be able to assist our adult participants to get out and about and be an active member of their community. We are guided by them as to what their interests are and what they would like to do. This may include, assisting with shopping, going for a coffer or a bite to eat, catching the latest movie or a trip down to the beach or waterfront.

*On occasions, we may place participants in small groups where they undertake the same activity. Arrangements will be made prior to this occurring if 1:1 support is deemed necessary. In this instance, each participant can be supported individually.

If you are interested in any of our CC4All Adult Programs please email our office on with the subject heading Group Program and the name of group program you are enquiring about. Our friendly admin team will make contact with you within 7 days. Any new participant’s wishing to attend our Group Programs, must complete our intake process prior to commencing. Some group programs may have a waiting period.